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Helpful Information
One year ago, we started a journey to transform the betting industry by providing an AI solution to sports betting. Our goal was twofold: to empower users with enhanced betting insights and to streamline the process of discovering a winning betting strategy, complete with timely alerts sent directly to their devices.

Based on valuable feedback and numerous conversations with our users, we realised that our platform may have appeared complex, especially to new users and those new to betting. In response, we introduced tutorials (black button in the top right of our pages) and FAQs to provide background information and clarity. Moreover, we invested in strengthening our customer services to guide users through queries and facilitate a smooth onboarding experience. Soon, we'll also be releasing video content to walk users through our platform and help with setting up effective alerts.

So, what does offer in simple terms?
We deliver a platform that sends you alerts for potential betting opportunities in InPlay football matches. Using cutting-edge machine learning techniques, our models analyse live matches, calculate odds across various markets, compare them to bookmakers like Bet365, and send you alerts for positions that offer value. We have two powerful tools, the Tipping Tool and Stats Alerts, that do the complex math for you, presenting potential betting opportunities with a click of a button.

Considering the Tipping Tool? Here's how to use it effectively:
Here are straightforward features to aid your selection process:
  • Tip Volume Slider: Tailor your alert intake with the Tip Volume Slider (TVS). This machine learning model is trained on past alert performance, allowing the user to talk to the tipping tool and instruct it only send the top x% of alerts. On a less active day, simply slide to 100% for comprehensive coverage.
  • Model Selection (HT or FT): Choose between halftime (HT) or fulltime (FT) models based on your preferences.
  • Market Selection: Handpick specific markets like halftime or fulltime models, Asian handicaps, or 1x2 to customise your alerts.
  • Alert Frequency: Adjust the frequency to receive a maximum of one alert per scoreline, or first alert only per match, ensuring focused notifications.
  • Minute in Match: Specify the match minute for more precise alert customisation.
  • League Filter: Narrow down alerts based on your preferred leagues.
  • Value %: Fine-tune alerts by adjusting the value percentage, but exercise caution setting the value% too high. Too much value could be an indication of potential market insights not considered by the model.
In essence, the Tip Volume Slider (TVS) empowers you to receive top alerts tailored to your preferences. It's a tool designed for simplicity with powerful features, offering personalised alert options while emphasising control over your betting strategy.

How does the Tipping Tool work?

Thinking of using the Stats Alerts with model rules but uncertain where to begin?
While the term "Stats Alerts" might be misleading, it encompasses more than simply notifying you about statistics. Feel free to use our preset alerts or unleash your creativity by crafting your own! This tool allows you to self-alert regarding InPlay matches with markets at value such as goallines, Asian handicaps, 1x2, draw no bet, blending model rules with traditional stats alert technology. You have control over factors like momentum, dangerous attacks, and shots, enabling you to determine the odds for preferred markets, such as those around even from Bet365.
We acknowledge that traditional stats alerts can be confusing for newcomers, leading to uncertainty about which alerts are actionable. That's why we stand out as the sole provider offering access to an AI model that automatically identifies value bets for you. It empowers you to spotlight InPlay betting conditions filtered by statistics.
Let's break it down: Pre-set alerts offer a straightforward starting point. Just read the alert descriptions, tick the ones you prefer, and save (ensure your Telegram Username is attached and integrated with the Telegram bot). Alerts will then be sent directly to your Telegram. Note that the Value Bet Rules section is the only part involving model calculations, and none of the pre-set alerts have been validated for profitability.
Custom Alerts, on the other hand, represent a more personalised approach. Begin with a simple concept-focus on a specific market, such as Overs or FT Asian handicap and add the model for this market as a rule. This initial step filters out the majority of alerts instantly, as the focus is on value markets for potential profitability. Refine your alert by considering how it could be improved. For instance, if you choose a home FT Asian Handicap, you can add a rule like Home momentum greater than 50 to ensure the home team is currently dominating the match. After setting up your rule, use the Calculate ROI button to test its profitability. If satisfied, save the rule; if not, tweak or remove rules until you find a profitable combination. When backtesting, select the specific market you've focused on, ensuring an accurate assessment. In this case, you'd choose FT Asian handicap with the home team as your selection.

A brief overview of our Stats Alerts!

Why should I put in the time to set up custom alerts?
Forge your unique betting edge that sets you apart. Your custom alerts are exclusive to you, offering a distinct advantage that cannot be replicated. By steering clear of following tipsters, you gain control over your betting experience and avoid missing out on favorable odds. Often, tipsters may be tracked by the bookies, and by the time you're notified of a tip, the bookies may have already adjusted the odds, leading to less favorable betting conditions.

How to create a Custom Stats Alert?

What makes custom alerts invaluable?
  • Uniqueness and Control: Your custom alerts are your own, giving you a personalised strategy that others can't emulate. This autonomy allows you to outsmart bookies and fellow bettors, breaking free from the reliance on tipsters.
  • Incorporation of AI Model: Our alerts integrate our AI model, serving as a powerful starting point. This inclusion positions you in the right direction, leveraging advanced technology to enhance your betting approach.
  • Efficiency and Precision: Ditch manual searching and tailor your strategy to match your skill set. Whether it's late-match Asian handicaps, betting on overs after a goal, or seizing opportunities when the favorite falls behind, create rules for each scenario. This not only prevents you from missing potential bets but also elevates your betting by incorporating AI for efficient, future-focused strategies.
In essence, custom alerts empower you to craft a bespoke betting strategy, capitalising on your unique insights and preferences. By harnessing the capabilities of our AI model, you not only enhance your direction but also elevate your betting experience to unprecedented levels.

Do we offer a trial period, and what subscription choices are available?
Absolutely! Every new user is entitled to a 7-day complimentary trial for the subscription plan of their choosing. You have the flexibility to cancel at any time. Additionally, upon creating an account, you'll discover that you receive a complimentary 72-hour access to our tipping tool on the VIP Tips page.
Currently we have three paid subscription tiers:
Basic Alerts: Access to our website, a small sample of the computer-generated betting tips and In-Play Statistics. Use Pre-Set/Custom stats rules to alert you to matches that meet a criteria, sent via Telegram; (excluding model calculations and value bet seeking Technology. Miss out on 100's of daily betting Tips.
VIP Plus: This gives you unlimited access to the high-quality AI and Machine Learning betting tips, stats rules linked to the model calculations, directly to your device! Utilise our model calculations and value bet seeking Technology both available in the Stats Alerts and Tipping tool.
Professional Gambler: Our most popular subscription gives you unlimited access to the AI and Machine Learning betting model, hundreds of daily betting tips and statistics. Enhance your betting with custom Tips, creating Stats Alerts linked to the model calculations/value bet finder. Use our pro-gambler dashboard to trade or track the matches minute-by-minute including tracking Bet365 or Model odds calculations.

Exploring the Pro Gambler Dashboard?

Can assist with managing your bankroll? provides our users with resources and tools to help access with betting but it is ultimately down to the users to manage the bankroll of their betting accounts. This is one of the most important steps to being a successful bettor; however, we can not encroach on giving financial advice. What recommendation we would implore you to explore would be to gain a strategy, be methodical, routinely test your live strategies, manage your emotions, and manage your risk according to volatility.

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