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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is a tipping platform?
Answer 1: The short answer here is no. We prefer to identify ourselves as a software company. Our goal is to give bettors the resources and tools they need to excel in the betting area. To have syndicate resources at their disposal by utilising techniques like machine learning without having to create them themselves. Our models have the ability to calculate odds, look for stats conditions and highlight potential value bets, but ultimately it is down to the user to decide on the strategy and whether or not they should take the bet.
Question 2: How do I integrate with the Telegram bots?
Answer 2: We have two Telegram bots; tipping alerts and the stats alerts. You'll need to integrate with each bot individually to receive both.
  • Download the Telegram Messenger App to your device and create an account if you do not have one.
  • Go to Settings > Set Username, where you need to create a username. This is how your Telegram account will be linked to InPlayFootballTips.
  • Tipping Tool Bot: and/or;
  • Stats Alerts Bot:
  • Then click 'SEND MESSAGE' and 'Start Chat'
  • If you've completed these steps correctly you will receive a success message that looks like 'Welcome to Telegram Bot, you have successfully integrated! ...'. Then you are ready to set up your alerts!
    Question 3: What does value betting mean?
    Answer 3: Value betting means placing bets on outcomes where the chances of winning are higher than what the odds suggest. To be successful in sports betting, it's important to carefully choose bets that offer good value. Instead of relying on feelings, successful betting involves analysing numbers and statistics. A quick way to check if a bet has value is by comparing certain odds. Our value calculation is expressed as value = 1/(model odds) - 1/(Bet365 Odds).
    Question 4: What are the tipping tool alerts?
    Answer 4: These alerts can be configured to be sent directly to your Telegram. The tipping tool, our original product, allows users to receive notifications for Asian handicaps and 1x2 markets. For the tool to generate an alert, the betting market must show a minimum of 4% value difference between our model and Bet365. When a value alert is identified, it will be shared on the VIP Tips page and sent to your Telegram. It's important to note that these alerts are in raw form, and we recommend exercising discretion by not acting on every alert. Instead, consider those that align with your strategies or highlight potential betting opportunities.
    Question 5: What does the Tip Volume Slider (TVS) do?
    Answer 5: The Tips Volume Slider enhances the usability of the tipping tool. The TVS, a machine learning model, is trained based on the success of previous alert conditions. Setting the TVS to 35%, for example, means you'll only receive the top 35% of alerts predicted by the model. This feature decreases the overall alert volume, improving quality and making it easier for manual bet placement. We suggest adjusting the slider based on the day of the week and evening hours to align with live game volumes.
    Question 6: What are the Stats alerts?
    Answer 6: Stats alerts enable users to integrate rules based on football match statistics, model calculations, and Bet365 odds. Users can receive telegram alerts from our software that highlight matches meeting specified rules. There are two types of stats alerts: Pre-Set and Custom. What sets our stats alerts apart from competitors is that users can incorporate our model into their alerts. Discover alerts that cover various scenarios, as profitability becomes challenging without a model or calculation indicating if bets are at value.
    Question 7: How do I create my own custom alert rules for the Stats Alerts?
    Answer 7: Below you will find a video that details how you can create a custom Stats Alert.
    Question 8: Why should I consider a subscription that has access to models?
    Answer 8: Frustrated with alerts from providers and uncertain about making profitable betting decisions? models profitability is clearly shown on the profits page (this is the raw feed). As a user, you can receive alerts only when they are at value, providing straightforward information directly to your device. Customise rules to highlight the model's strengths, set specific match minutes, consider stats conditions, and focus on dominant/even football matches!
    Question 9: What are Asian Handicaps?
    Answer 9: If you would like more information on Asian Handicaps please explore our blog here.