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What are Asian Handicaps and how to use them?

Asian Handicap: +0.5,+1.0 same as +0.75, equally -0.5,-1.0 same as -0.75

The idea of consistently taking money from the bookie can seem near impossible at times with a system built and designed to make you fail.
The purpose of betting marketing by the bookmakers is designed to make it always seem fun and to encourage an off the cuff decision whilst wearing your heart on your sleeve, backing your favorite teams. They will be encouraging a massive 10-fold accumulator that probably has less chance of coming in than getting a hole in one on your first-time playing golf. The majority of the time we follow the sport intently and our knowledge is great but we are just missing the key elements to beat the bookie. What we need to do is to understand the correct markets we should be betting on to maximise the winnings but also limit the loses. This is where Asian Handicaps and assist you with betting smarter...
What are Asian Handicaps and how to use them?
Asian Handicaps are a 'to go' market, meaning if the game is currently 2-1 then an Asian Handicap would be a bet as if the game is currently 0-0. At we are unique in focusing on Half-Time betting markets which have even more of an advantage with regards to utilising the bankroll but I'll go into this in a further blog post. Our tips are In-Play First Half Asian Handicap markets; therefore, when we make a tip, we think from that moment in the game we believe it is a value bet to take the Asian Handicap.
Asian Handicaps come in different shapes and sizes. Let me explain the different types and how they can help maximise your betting advantage.
There are essentially 3 types of Asian Handicaps. Whole Lines, Half Lines, and Quarter Lines. First take a look at the table below which displays some of the scenarios you can have when betting on these markets.

Whole Lines
These consist of markets like -2.0, -1.0, 0.0, +1.0, +2.0 etc. This may look familiar to what you are used to, if you bet on normal handicap markets. However, with whole lines you can get refunds even if you didn't win the bet.
Example: you place a bet on First Half Asian Handicap market with Line -1.0 with the score already 1-0. The first half ends 2-0 and you get a refund of your stake, as Asian Handicaps allow draws and you didn't lose your stake. If the half ended by your team winning from the point you placed the bet, by two or more goals, you would win the bet. If they drew or lost from the point of the bet placement, you would lose your stake. You have probably seen this most commonly with the market draw no bet, which is exactly the same market as 0.0 when the score is 0-0.
Half Lines
This is a more familiar market, where you can only win or lose. Consisting of markets like -1.5, -0.5, +0.5, +1.5 etc. Remembering the market is a 'to go' market, half lines can be understood as follows. From the point of placement to win the bet:
  • -1.5 would require a win by 2 or more goals
  • -0.5 would require a win
  • +0.5 would require a draw or a win
  • +1.5 would require a loss by 1 goal or better
Quarter Lines
Essentially a market that is placing two bets, one on the line above and one on the line below. By this I mean if you place a bet on -0.25 market with £10, we are placing £5 on -0.5 and £5 on 0.0 (draw no bet). Therefore, if you draw the match from the point of bet placement, you will get a refund of £5 from the draw no bet but lose the -0.5. The same goes for +0.25 (sometimes displayed '0.0,+0.5') which is two bets, one 0.0 and the other +0.5. If you draw from bet placement, you would get a refund for 0.0 and a win on the +0.5, which is equivalent to a half win on your +0.25 bet. If both parts of the bet win, you get a full win.
This may be a new type of betting, which is completely different to what you are used, but fear not our VIP and Professional Gambler subscriptions are here to assist you. These subscription services provide, on average, over 300 In-Play First Half Asian Handicap tips daily. Which you can use to help maximise your betting returns. Check out our profits here.
Asian Handicaps also allow you to bet on matches which are incredibly one sided. You don't want to be betting on the 1.05 to win price, when you could be backing and re-backing after every goal. Take advantage of the opportunity with -1.5 First Half game which ends 6-0 at Half Time.
How does capitalise on Asian Handicaps?
We have a unique model which utilises AI and machine learning to read In-Play stats. This then calculates First Half In-Play Asian Handicap football markets and compares these odds to Bet365. The bets then go through our rigorous bet selection criteria, to determine whether they are a good bet and of value. We take advantage of slow bookies or traders. Sometimes a market can be priced wrong by more than a goal; we use this to take multiple bets (re-backs) on the same game and after goals have been scored, if we believe a team could kick on to end the half and win by a fair margin.
If you have decided to use our service, the subscription tips are there to assist you by completing the hard work at lightning speed. This allows you time to shop around for a better price with other bookies, if you want to go a step further. There are some slow bookies out there when it comes to In-Play markets. Please remember to bet responsibly and if you ever find you're struggling with betting, our website has all the information you may need to help. Visit gambling awareness for more information.