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How to avoid betting account limiting, tactics and other bookmakers?

The dreaded message! You're account is now limited but what to do?

From time to time, bookmakers will make a business decision to limit a customer's account to a small stake size to limit their winnings. Should you get limited they will give no notice and you will receive a message or email saying restrictions have been applied to your account. Don't worry, if this happens to you! You are able to withdraw all your winning in this situation with no problems.
Being a professional gambler, I have learnt a few tricks along the way to help improve the longevity of your betting account. Remember none of the below is financial advice; it's there to educate, give you some ideas and tools to help you succeed.
Limited? What happens next?
If your Bet365 account is limited don't worry there are still many of options available. Even though, our platform uses Bet365 prices to calculate tips; there are plenty of other bookies out there that offer the same markets at similar prices. With our latest release I am excited to announce we now have both 1st Half and Full Time Asian Handicaps; many bookmakers in the UK offer Asian handicaps:
  • 10Bet
  • 888Sport
  • Betfair exchange
  • Bet365
  • Bet Victor
  • Betdaq
  • NetBet
  • RedZone
  • Smarkets (exchange)
  • SportNation
  • STS
  • Unibet
Even though we only tip up markets in Bet365 Odds, it is highly likely other bookies will be offering the games at the same or potentially even better odds enabling you to maximise you're returns! It always pays to shop around!
Also, if you decide Asian handicaps aren't for you as we know they can be confusing. In our latest release we now offer Half-Time and Full-Time Results which you can bet literally anywhere.
Ideas to prevent limiting!
'Designed Losing'
This is what we call the process of placing bets on markets with the intention of confusing the bookies to give them the illusion you do not know what you're doing. I.e. you do not only take the sharp tips we at provide; you are mixing these up with accumulators, highly liquid markets like the top leagues, markets that have a high margin in favour of the bookies - like a RequestABet, Bet Builder, Correct Score (Bet365 has a 138.53% book here Pre-Match on the Omonia Nicosia vs. Man Utd game in the Europa League). The idea behind this is by taking these types of bets over the long run they are incredibly hard to beat since the bookies have a massive margin buffer, so the likelihood of you making money is pretty small. Mixing in these markets enhances the chances of a bookies willingness to keep you as a customer and you should make back the small loses on these markets with the sharp tips.

The reason we like Asian handicaps is because in the same Man United game Asian Handicap prices (shown above) has a market book of 102.57%. This market is fairer and one we can make good return on. Even the normal Full Time Result market (above) in this game is 106.38% which is the main reason we love Asian handicaps and that we are trying to help you get on board to increase your returns.
Obviously, picking the right market is half the battle and we need to get more winners than losers but that's where our unique model calculations and critically our bet selection criteria gives you an edge. Circling back, the idea is if we always take solely the sharp bets and do not give the bookies a chance, they are more likely to limit the accounts faster.
Putting our bets in accumulators
Accumulators are attractive to all types of punters due to their large returns. This is a great way of hiding good bets since the value remains the same. Putting these in accumulator whilst mixing up the singles, doubles, trebles permutations (as seen below in the example) can be an interesting way to hide your smart bets. Since you do not need all of the bets to come in to make money and it is a discrete way to get on good bets and not show the bookies your system.
Change up the patterns
You can mix up the betting from using In-Play tips with some pre match bets of your own. Even better have a look at betting on different sports. The idea is we do not want the bookie to put a label on yourself as a sharp punter or a professional gambler. Professional Gamblers main qualities are to remain methodical and bet with a system. If you are able to confuse the bookmakers algorithms with random patterns, the account is more likely to last.
Use existing accounts first
If you have a variety of betting accounts, use these existing accounts first. At the time of starting your journey with, you can create a new account for all the other bookies that you do not have set up already (don't worry if you do not use them). Majority of the bookies take a careful look at new accounts because they fear some professional gamblers use their friends accounts once they are limited. So, if you are able to use your existing accounts, if that gets limited at some point you will have an account ready to use that isn't labelled as a new account anymore.
Asian Bookmakers
If you are living in the very lucky countries that you are able to bet with Asian bookmakers you can enjoy the likes of Pinnacle; where they will never limit you as a customer and they make sure all winners are welcome.
So, you got to the bottom! We are working extremely hard to educate and give you the tools to succeed. It definitely doesn't seem fair when your account is limited especially the Bet365 account but why let the potential profits end there when you can utilise the many betting account available. Let's enhance your betting edge! All of these ideas are not full proof but are there to help, but if you feel more comfortable by simply following our tips we thank you and remember your capital is at risk.
Please remember to bet responsibly and if you ever find you're struggling with betting, our website has all the information you may need to help. Visit gambling awareness for more information.